Trier – A Great Place To Explore Roman Remains

Trier is the oldest town in Germany and I had the privilege of visiting this important town of trade and commerce. There are a number of sites offered here that takes you back to the good old Roman Empire era. This is why it is called the ‘Rome of the North’. I thoroughly enjoyed the wines and the food that was served in this town, which incidentally is Karl Marx’s birthplace.

  • High Cathedral of Saint Peter

This is a visually appealing cathedral that looks to have been there since the 4th century. It was fully constructed in the 11th and the 12th centuries. Its restoration took place in 1974. This place has an architectural mix of Baroque, Gothic, and Romanesque periods. The interior looks very attractive with noteworthy relics and a wide collection of art and antiques. I also found some medieval manuscripts in this church.


  • Karl Marx House

I made it a point to visit the house of Karl Marx in Trier. This is the town where he was born. This is now a museum that talks about the life of this famous German. It also has details of his writings that the world knows. There is great detail revealed about the rise of Communism in Asia, Europe, and, the Soviet Union through the exhibits displayed in the museum.

  • PortaNigra

This is also known as the Black Gate and is a fortified gate. It is part of the northern entrance to the old Trier town. It has Roman architecture written all over the walls. The blackened tones are a real sight for the eyes and should not be missed. I took a one hour guided tour of this place to get to know more about it and it was really worth. You will get more insights into the structure and the Black Gate’s history.