Latacunga: A Paradise For Those With An Adrenalin Rush

I still get the adrenalin rush when I think of my tour to Latacunga in Ecuador. It is a plateau town and is also the capital of Cotopaxi Province as well. It is located on the Pan-American high way as is known for hiking and giant volcanoes. The town carries an inspiring story of rising from ashes i.e. the town has re-established again and again due to three violent volcanic eruptions.

On the first week, I went on for hiking to the top of Cotopaxi. It is been said that it is the second highest peak in Ecuador after Chimborazo. In the beginning, I felt difficulty but after acclimatizing I really felt awesome. It was one among the best adventures I have done till now. Then I went on to take part in the well-known “Mama Negra festival” which basically signifies the culture and glory of the town.

After being loved the fest, I developed a thirst to know about the tradition bit more. So, I headed to a nearby place called Tigua where there are unique paintings called “Tigua Paintings”. What’s unique about these is that they are been painted with lively colors onto sheep canvas to display native legends and local lifestyle. Moreover, I also went to the local museum “Casa de la Cultura”.

Next day I went hiking to Quilotoa loop. Along with enjoying the view, I was also glad that the fee for hiking was zero. Who doesn’t want free things? Then the subsequent day I visited Parque Vicente Léon, a park located at the city center. And I also went shopping at Mercado Cerrado. I literally fell in love with the food stall there. I also got to see various local products.

Chugchucaras is the dish I ate there most of the time. It is basically a pork dish along with delicious spicy sauce called Aji. I also enjoyed the taste of plantains, tostado, and empanadas.