Kunming The City Has Many Things To Impress You

Kunming is the capital city of Yunnan province of China and also the transportation hub. The city has the huge population of student and this is the reason it is very happening one. I like the food of Kunming and also the way students spend their time. I visited the city recently and had some excellent experience here. But, in addition to having all modern days comfort and entertainment options, this city has some spots as well, that has historical importance as well. The pavilions and bridges and cross the islands of Cui Hu, there is a park that was built around 17th century. The city also has Yuantong Si, a temple founded in the 8th century by Buddhists.

Here are the spots I visited in Kunming and I would like to share my experience

The Stone Forest – This is the set of limestone. This is the first place I visited in Kunming as it is at the number one position in the traveler’s list. According to the locals, the visit to Kunming is incomplete without having a look at the stone forest. The main attraction of this forest are: Naigu stone, long lake, guishan mountain, Qifeng cave.

Dian Lake – This lake is also known by the name Sparkling Pearl Embedded in a Highland. It is the largest lake having the freshwater and hold great significance for the people in the region. The lake is surrounded by forest, mountains and at the top there is clear sky. The amalgamation of three factors, make it the best in the world. I too has a great time at the lake.

Yangzong Lake – This is another mesmerizing lake in Kunming having beautiful terrain, mountain and clear water. Once you will be here, you will forget everything about the city life.