Hefei: Exploring The Splendid Greenery

Hefei came as a recluse after the bustling tour of the other cities of China. This is a modern city with its own charm and custom. Being the financial and economic hub of Anhui Province, the city has been constantly developing its environment. There are some special points of interest in the city. Take a look at the places that you must visit on your tour to Hefei.

  • Hefei Swan Lake

Want to spend some quiet time? Visit Hefei Swan Lake and take a stroll. Here, you can unwind when you are in the city. This area is far away from the city center. One of the possible entertainment of the evenings to take long walks around this lake. It is one of the best meeting points. At night you will get to see folk dances, songs, and other types of amusement. Take in some fresh air near the lake.

  • Xiaoyaojin Park

This park is quite accessible that is filled with pleasant scenery. Here, you will not have to pay any entrance fee. Zhang Liao is not just a statue but is a large artificial lake. You can discover many recreational activities. If you want, you can also visit Huahe Rod Pedestrian Street for leisurely shopping.

  • Hefei Botanical Garden

This is an extraordinary park for strolling without the presence of the crowd. There are several nature spots to stop. Check out the lush green vegetation with a rich fauna. You will find the place exceptionally quiet even after being just in the middle of the city. Stay here for hours without getting bored.

  • Hefei Huancheng Park

It is one of the primary parks of the city. If you want to take a morning walk, this place is just the best as it offers fresh air. It is a large place with loads of vegetation. You can also enjoy a boat ride.