Elvas – A Medieval Fortress City

Elvas is a historic city in Portugal, located in the Alentejo region. It is a part of Portalegre district. The city used to be a frontier fortress during the medieval times. In June 2012, it has been designated as a World Heritage Site for its star-shaped forts. The place has several castles and historic sites that have become a major tourist attraction over the past decade. In this review, I have mentioned a few important places in Elvas that truly impressed me.

  • Nossa Senhora Da Graça Fort

The historic Nossa Senhora da Graça Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been bringing thousands of tourists and explorers to Elvas. Traditionally known as La Lippe, the fort is built on the popular Monte da Graça or the “Hill of Grace”. The quadrangle layout of the fort has pentagonal bastions along the corners. The symmetrical alignment and the bulwarks make the fort look quite extraordinary. I had an interesting time at the place as my guide helped me with the historical relevance of the site.

  • Elvas Castle

Your trip to Elvas would be pointless without visiting the monumental Elvas Castle. The military fortification belongs to the medieval era and has witnessed many wars and battles that changed the fate of this historic place. The castle is small but impressive and you can tour the entire place for just 2 Euros. From the top of the castle, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the nearby towns and cities.

  • Igreja Dos Domínicos

The 13th-century convent church is definitely one of the most visited religious sites in Elvas. Established by King Afonso III, the church is a tribute to the cultural history of Portugal. In the 18th century, the church was rebuilt in the Baroque style that transformed the interiors quite dramatically. The gilded wood carvings, painted tiles and majestic facade of the cathedral look extremely beautiful. The place is one of the most important heritage centers in Portugal.