Dahab – The Chic City

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Many people say that this city is the sleepy city. The atmosphere in the city is so relaxing, that you will just want to sleep and stay solemnly. The city is highly idle and all you will find attractive about the city are going to be its palm trees lined beaches and roads. The city in its earlier times used to be a very dusky and dusted city; however, it improved into something very chic and cool. As more and more tourism started arising in the city, the simplicity somehow got lost but still remains solemn. There are several sports here that you can be a part of. Here are some of my suggestions for you to do in this absolutely still a city.

Scuba Diving

As common as it might sound, here the scuba diving is done alongside the west side coastlines of Egypt’s famous Red Sea. The sea is very beautiful in itself with red sands in it and if you get the opportunity to visit those sands, then nothing could be better. If you don’t know how to do scuba diving you can hire yourself the teachers for the same. When you reach the beach, you will see several scuba divers providing training, you can sign with one of them and in a span of at least half an hour, you will be able to go for the scuba diving. The experience believes me is divine. The sea creatures and that beautiful sand altogether make this a very fun and incredible experience.

Blue Hole

The blue hole is as scary as it sounds. The hole is based in one of the biggest sea coastlines in the city and is famous for its free diving sports. This is not something that happens formally but this is something that people take up as a challenge for themselves. Many tourists have tried it too, including me and in my words, this is one thing you should definitely do before dying. You need proper gear and you will be all set to go. There is a twenty-six meters long arch you have to dive into and then you will reach the ocean at the end of it risky and adventurous but totally worth it.