Chaves: Transport To The Roman Times

When we decided to visit this place, I was a little skeptic due to the location of the town far north of the country, away from all the major well – known tourist attractions. But, I would surely regret not visiting this place then. The Chaves town is famous for being present in the country since the era of the Romans so you can imagine the influence of that culture here. Around the city, you can also find hot springs which are one of the most famous in both Portugal and Spain. Let us look at some of the best-known attractions in this town:


  • The Roman Bridge


This is named after the Emperor, Trajan. It has been present there since the 2nd century. The arches in the bridge have been the same over time but there have been some elements that have been built and re-built over time. Some of the columns on the bridge also have inscriptions in Latin and they are still quite readable.


  • Praca De Cameos


There is no way you cannot go to this grand square at the center of the town. This is the home to some of the oldest homes in the city, and I wanted to experience the buzz and I would say this has to be the best place for that. You can spend some quality time at the café houses and stare at the culture that goes beside you.


  • The Castle of Chaves


This tower is one of the last remains of the war in the 10th century war between the Christians and the Moors. There are a lot of collections placed inside the monument, which belong to the military of the war and you can also catch some spectacular views of the city from here.

Do make sure to give this place at least three days in your schedule.